Bajaj Majesty Rx 7 Fan Room Heater

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As winter approaches, you would want to snuggle up under your cozy blanket and dive into a deep sleep. However, at times when the temperature falls to extreme lows, falling asleep despite having layers of clothing will not help. To provide you with warmth, Bajaj brings to you this room heater. This room heater quickly heats up your room and helps you fall asleep comfortably.

This fan room heater works by using a fan to pass the air over a heating element. This heats up the air and passes on the heated air to your surrounding making it warm.

Heat Setting
This room heater comes with 3 different heat setting options. Depending on how warm you want your room to be, you can set the room heater accordingly.

Safety Features
This Bajaj room heater comes with a number of safety features like automatic thermal safety cut out and overheat protection to provide you with utmost protection.

Adjustable Height
This room heater comes with an adjustable height option which allows you to adjust the height depending on where you sleep.

Cool Touch Body
This room heater comes with a cool touch body which allows for easy mobility. You can move the room heater or adjust its height when in use as the body doesn’t get heated up and is safe to touch.

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