Havells Delite Alkaline High Recovery RO+UV Water Purifier, Silver-Golden

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* Revitalizer- restructures water molecules- makes biologically active to improve hydration, alkalinity & mineral absorption
* Membrane Performance Enhancer- It prevents scale formation on RO membrane and improves its performance and life
* 24x7 Tank Sterlization: UV LED prevents the Bio-film formation and maintains hygiene of water and stainless steel tank
* High Recovery: Recovers over 50% water and Delivers high flow : Saves water and Time
* Unique 8 stages 100% RO & UV purification €“ assured safety
* 100% water passes through the RO membrane to ensure absolutely safe and pure drinking water
* Triple Protection: 100% RO+UV Purification + Germicidal UV + SS tank with UV LED Purification
* An optimum exposure of water to germicidal UV-C radiation in UV disinfection Column makes water free from microbiological threats like pathogenic bacteria and viruses
* Alkaline taste enhancer €“ it improves pH level 8+ of water by adding essential alkaline minerals

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