Venus 35 Ltr Celo 5 Star Storage Water Geyser (2000 Watts, 035CV, Ivory)

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•35 Litres, Storage Water Geyser
•Heat Source: Electricity
•Ideal Usage: Bathroom
•Operation Type: Automatic
•Wall Mount, Vertical
•8 bars Water Pressure, Power: 2000 Watts


No more teeth-chattering in winters to enjoy a hot shower. Bring home your new heating companion Venus Celo 35 L Vertical Geyser. Simple in design, durable in performance and economical in price, this geyser takes care of all the bathing needs of your family. This vertical, ivory shade geyser comes with a capacity of 35 litres and withstands temperature up to a 1000°C. What more? Venus Celo 35 L Vertical Geyser comes with a real-time display of the temperature as well. 

Technology That Keeps Your Geyser Running For Years

To ensure that you enjoy a seamless service for a longer duration, Venus Celo 35 L Vertical Geyser comes with Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined tanks and is Hard Water Proof - these features safeguard the geyser from corrosion, scaling and salination. The heating element of this geyser is glass-lined with Incoloy 800, an alloy that helps to keep the water hotter for longer hours and fights corrosion as well. Heat Retention Technology used in this geyser ensures 16% lower thermal losses. It is further integrated with maximum safety features such as Automatic Thermostat and Multifunction Valve that protects you and your geyser from overheating and high pressure. 

Save More Energy And Money

The engineering of Venus Celo 35 L Vertical Geyser entails a 3cm thick PUF insulation that retains the heat for a longer duration and cuts down the energy consumption. The Scaleguard Technology used by this geyser prevents the formation of scale, a corrosive solid that affects the heat transfer capacity of a geyser thereby leading to increased energy consumption. Hence, the lower the energy consumption, the more money you have in your wallet by the end of the month.

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