Whirlpool 205 IMPC PRM 3S LUMINA STEEL Direct Cool Lumina Steel (190 Ltr) 3 Star Single Door

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Faster Ice-making Process
You will never be short of ice at home, as this refrigerator has a faster ice-making process, thanks to its laminar airflow and the Insulated Capillary technology.
Longer Cooling Retention
It’s okay if there’s a power cut at home. With cooling retention of up to 12 hours, your beverages will continue to remain cool inside the refrigerator, even when there’s no power.
Insulated Capillary Technology
Cold gas surrounds the capillary that carries the refrigerant from the compressor to the freezer, thereby ensuring better compressor efficiency, faster cooling, and better cooling retention.
Laminar Air Flow
This refrigerator facilitates a laminar airflow with the help of special cooling vents to ensure uniform cooling.
Large Vegetable Crisper
Featuring the Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in technology, this refrigerator’s large vegetable crisper will keep your vegetables fresh for longer by ensuring optimum moisture inside.
Connects to Your Home Inverter
This refrigerator will connect to your home inverter in case of a power cut, thereby ensuring the long-lasting freshness of your food items.
There’s Space for Everything
This refrigerator has space for all your items. You can keep your medicines in the utility box and store small packets of masalas in the masala bin located in this refrigerator’s door.
Stabilizer-free Operation
This refrigerator can operate at a voltage range of 130 V - 300 V, thereby letting go of the need for an extra stabilizer.

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