Whirlpool NEO 305GD PRM CRYSTAL BLACK (2S)-N 292 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator with Glass Door (Crystal Black)

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* Frost-free refrigerator; 292 litres capacity
* Energy Rating: 2 Star
* Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
* 6th Sense Deepfreeze Technology & Chilling gel : This prevents cold air from escaping when the freezer door is opened. The unique chilling gel in the freezer helps retain the cooling during powercuts
* 12 Days of Garden Freshness: Experience up to 12 days of garden freshness powered by Freshflow Air Tower with Flexi Vents, Honeycomb design with Moisture Control System and Microblock Technology
* FRESH FLOW AIR TOWER WITH FLEXI VENTS: This scientifically designed air tower & strategically placed vents let out cool and fresh air into different sections of the refrigerator providing Cooling
* MICROBLOCK Prevents upto 99% bacterial growth, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer
* Active Deo: It keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and odour-free
* Special features: Stabilizer free operation, Ice Twister & Collector, Freshlow flexi vents, Everyday fresh-Easy slide tray, Anti Bacterial Filter


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